Your pet is a beloved member of the family. Just like other family members, dogs and other pets are prone to physical and behavioral issues including epilepsy, anxiety, arthritic pain and skin conditions. No one wants to see their pet suffer. Thankfully, there is now an option outside of traditional pharmaceutical therapies. CBD is shown to have efficacy in treating a wide range of ailments in most pets with amazing results, especially for dogs.

CBD for Dogs and Treating Seizures in Animals with CBD Products

Watching your treasured dog or cat in the throes of a seizure is scary. Your pet may become stiff and fall on its side, it may expel bodily fluids and salivate profusely or start to jerk and chomp its jaw. Afterwards, they may be confused, have increased thirst and appetite, experience blindness and wander aimlessly. It is a heartbreaking sight.

There are many causes of seizures in animals. Often, it is a genetic condition, but trauma, toxins and brain tumors are other catalysts of seizures. Sometimes, the cause is unknown, also referred to as idiopathic epilepsy. Even with anticonvulsant medications, it is common for pets to still have seizures.

A promising study conducted by Colorado State University’s James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital has had positive results. In a clinical trial, 89% of the dogs treated with CBD oil saw a reduction in seizures. In addition to scientific research, there is an abundance of anecdotal evidence corroborating these findings.

CBD for Pets and Anxiety

Pet Anxiety, especially in dogs, causes a variety of behavioral problems. It is not uncommon for a dog with separation anxiety to rip apart a home when left alone. Other dogs shake in fear while in the car or become aggressive when scared.



Several observational surveys have been done to test the effect CBD has on anxiety in dogs. Time after time, participants report a decrease in negative responses to fearful situations and see improvement in their dog’s behavior with use of CBD.

CBD for Pets and Pain

Osteoarthritis is thought to affect a quarter of all dogs during their lifetime. This debilitating condition causes cartilage around a dog’s joints to deteriorate resulting in pain. Symptoms may be mild at first, but it is a progressive disease that gets worse with time. Dogs with osteoarthritis may become lethargic, have trouble getting off the floor or walking and have reluctance in wanting to run or play. Your good-natured dog may show signs of irritability especially when being touched.

A 2018 study researched the effects of CBD on osteoarthritis. Their results suggest that CBD increases mobility and improves comfort.  Another study by the University of Colorado found CBD offers improved pain support for dogs with osteoarthritis.

CBD and Skin Disorders

Skin disorders cause your dog or cat to have itchy, flaky and red skin. Often the result of atopic dermatitis brought on by allergies, your pet may lick or bite the skin intensifying the problem.  CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory with antibacterial properties. It works to repair and heal the skin alleviating bothersome skin conditions.

While research on CBD continues, all indications point to CBD greatly improving your animal’s quality of life. Dr. You, a veterinarian with over 7 years of experience, has seen the benefits of CBD on pets firsthand. His firm belief in holistic medicine led him to develop Dr. You+ pet products. Made of USDA Certified Organic CBD farmed in the United States, rigorous, third-party lab tasting ensures the precise concentration of CBD in all tinctures and treats. Other natural ingredients like salmon oil and pumpkin offer even further health benefits for your pets.

Feel safe administering Dr. You+ CBD products to your pet for all their comfort needs. 

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Dr. Jay You

Dr. Jay You

Dr. You is a veterinarian with 6+ years of experience that has witnessed firsthand with his patients the benefits of CBD in the veterinary industry. Whether it be for anxiety, arthritic pain, or other problems, a growing number of his patients have turned to CBD as a holistic alternative with budding success. Dr. You believes in the future of CBD and is committed to advancing its place in the veterinary world.