Some pets are just picky. And if you have a picky pet, you know just how hard it can be to get them to take a new prescription medication, a new supplement, or even a new food. So if you want to give a picky pet CBD oil, how can you get them to take it?

Our veterinarian-formulated CBD Pet-Oleum Tincture was actually designed to be delicious. It features ingredients that pets tend to love, like wild Alaskan salmon oil and natural organic peanut butter flavoring. But if your pet doesn’t love our full spectrum CBD oil as much as most pets do, we have several tips on how you can get your pet to take their CBD products. Read on to learn how to give your picky pet CBD oil.

Sneak It In a Treat

Pets love treats, so try sneaking their CBD oil into their favorite treat. Many pet treats are porous, which means they’ll absorb oils like CBD oil. If your pet has a treat they love that will absorb an oil, drop their CBD dosage on their treat and let it sink in before giving it to them.

In addition to trying the absorption method, you can try using a soft chew wrap-around treat. There are many types of cat and dog treats that can contain an open space for medications or supplements, which you can close up by pressing the treat together. You can also try making a soft treat at home, then place your CBD oil inside it. Remember to only place CBD in with a homemade treat after it’s made. Don’t bake any treat with CBD in it, since this can cause the CBD oil to evaporate.

If this method works for you but you find that it takes up too much time, know that there are CBD dog treats that already have CBD in them, like our delicious and high quality CBD Pumpkin Treats. So if you don’t want to infuse your pet’s treats with CBD oil for dogs on your own, you can also buy pre-made CBD dog treats and other pet CBD treats.

Mix With Fish Oil or Peanut Butter

If you have a cat, try mixing their CBD oil in with a little fish oil or tuna juice. The smell and taste of fish oils will often dominate a CBD oil’s smell and taste, so your cat may happily eat their CBD along with a fish oil.

If you have a dog, you can go the peanut butter route. Mix your dog CBD oil dosage in with a tablespoon or so of peanut butter and your doggy may just happy scarf their CBD down.

Bait and Switch With Meat

Another option that works for many pet owners is the bait and switch method. Have two pieces of meat or fish that your pet loves. Put CBD oil in one, then leave the other one untouched. First, give them the untouched piece of meat or fish. Then, give them the one that has CBD oil in it. Pets will often happily eat the second piece if they loved the first.

If you want to distract your pet from the fact that one of their pieces of meat tastes different, you can also get a third piece of meat or fish ready. If you hold a third piece of meat or fish in front of your pet while they eat the one with CBD, they may be so focused on getting the third piece that they don’t pay much attention to the taste of the second.

Put Their CBD CBD Oil in Their Food Bowl

Another way to give your pet CBD is to mix it in with their food. Just mix their CBD oil dosage in with their cat or dog food (dry or wet food) and, often, your furry friend won’t even notice it’s there.

Place the CBD Oil Directly in Your Pet’s Mouth

A more direct way to give a picky eater CBD is to place it directly in their mouth. Measure out your pet’s CBD dosage in your dropper. Then, gently place the dropper in your cat or dog’s mouth, alongside your pet’s gums toward the back of their mouth. Next, just gently squeeze the dropper. When you administer CBD by placing a CBD oil in the gum area, your pet can’t spit it out.

Note: If your CBD oil has a glass dropper, use caution with this method, since you don’t want your pet to bite the dropper.

Follow Your Picky Pet Eater’s Drops With a Treat

To incentivize your pet’s cooperation when giving them CBD drops directly, try following every dose of CBD with a high value treat as a reward. Often, this will help a pet be much more willing to regularly take their CBD, since they’ll look forward to the treat that comes afterward.

Dr. Jay You

Dr. Jay You

Dr. You is a veterinarian with 6+ years of experience that has witnessed firsthand with his patients the benefits of CBD in the veterinary industry. Whether it be for anxiety, arthritic pain, or other problems, a growing number of his patients have turned to CBD as a holistic alternative with budding success. Dr. You believes in the future of CBD and is committed to advancing its place in the veterinary world.